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Portrait (english)
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Wilbert de Roo

Wilbert de Roo, born in Johannesburg South Africa and whose parents were both professional musicians, soon showed his abilities as a cellist, and at the age of nineteen became the youngest member of the S.A.B.C. National Symphony Orchestra in Johannesburg. During a tour to South Africa in 1974 the great cellist and pedagog, André Navarra, invited de Roo to study with him at the Hochschule fr Musik in Vienna. Completing his studies in 1979, he decided to settle in France becoming a member of the Orchestre Symphonique et Lyrique de Nancy

While continuing his career as a cellist he decided to kindle his passion for violinmaking, self-taught, his first instruments impressed not only professional players, but also a number of violin-makers. In 1995 de Roo decided to make the important decision of abandoning playing to concentrate on violin-making, being accepted at the prestigious Newark and Sherwood College of Violin-making obtaining his diploma in violin-making and repairing with a distinction in 1997. The President of the jury, the reputed London dealer Charles Beare awarded de Roo the highest mark for that year.

Wilbert de Roo has decided to devote his time, solely to the construction of instruments, refusing all the other activities concerning violin-making such as repairs, restoration of instruments and trade in accessories or other instruments.The advantages of a professional musical background are clearly visible, not only from an esthetical, but also from an acoustical point of view. Each instrument is conceived and constructed with the same care and attention to details and beauty, making each one a unique piece of art. For this reason, and because each one is created only by his hands in his workshop, can a very limited number be produced each year.

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